Buick’s QuietTuning Explained

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When it’s time to purchase a new vehicle, a quiet and distraction-free cabin is a main priority for many drivers. Most major automakers try their best to design and produce vehicles that don’t make too much noise with cabins that absorb noise and bumps on the road well in order to ensure a smooth and quiet ride for both drivers and passengers. For many drivers, there is nothing like Buick’s QuietTuning technology.

Buick is one of the major automakers in the auto industry as a whole, and they are also the designers and producers of some of the quietest vehicles that are available on the mainstream auto market. Buick’s excellence in designing and producing vehicles that provide extremely quiet and smooth driving experiences for Buick drivers is due largely to this major automaker’s exclusive QuietTuning technology.

QuietTuning is designed to do three things: reduce internal noise at its source within the vehicle, block external noise from penetrating into the Buick vehicle’s cabin, and absorb any residual noise that does make its way into the cabin. This three-fold technology works together to create what Buick claims is the quietest and smoothest driving experience that is available on the mainstream auto market to benefit drivers and passengers alike.

If you’re considering making a Buick your next vehicle or are just interested in knowing how Buick is able to design and produce such quiet cars, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Buick’s three-fold QuietTuning technology.

How Buick’s QuietTuning Reduces Internal Noise
Multiple other major automakers use some of the same blocking and absorption technology as Buick’s QuietTuning system. The main features that help Buick’s QuietTuning set itself apart from these other noise-reduction systems are the features that are designed to reduce internal noise that the Buick vehicle itself emits.

Buick’s QuietTuning Explained
Buick’s QuietTuning Explained

At the center of Buick’s QuietTuning internal noise reduction is a liquid-applied sound deadener. This special exclusive sound deadener reduces the noise that the powertrain of Buick vehicles produces, so—in Buick vehicles—much less noise comes from the sources from which the majority of internal vehicle noise is emitted in other vehicles.

Other features that help reduce internal noise that comes from the inner workings of Buick models themselves include tuned air intake and exhaust systems, specially-sealed and shaped body sections, an exclusive rear suspension with custom coil spring isolators, and specially-tuned shock absorbers, and multiple heat-activated baffles.

How Buick’s QuietTuning Blocks External Noise
Much of the noise that you hear inside the cabin of a vehicle does not come from within the vehicle itself but rather from outside the vehicle. From the sound of the wind rushing by the moving vehicle to the sound of gravel flying up off the road, many external noises penetrate their way into the cabins of most vehicles.

QuietTuning-equipped Buick vehicles are built with special acoustic-laminated glass that prevents external noises from penetrating through windows and windshields to reach inside the cabins of these vehicles. These Buick vehicles are also designed with doors that feature multiple sound suppressors such as inner door sound barriers, absorbers, and seals. Other features that help block external noise from the cabins of QuietTuning-equipped Buick vehicles include special aerodynamic underbody paneling and acoustic insulation material built into these vehicles’ bodies in multiple locations.

The unique body design of Buick vehicles that are equipped with QuietTuning also helps these vehicles absorb external impacts as well. This means that passengers and drivers in QuietTuning-equipped Buick vehicles are less likely to feel the impact of bumps and potholes in the road as severely as they would in any other vehicle.

How Buick’s QuietTuning Absorbs Residual Noise
In addition to minimizing both internal and external noise, Buick’s QuietTuning system is also designed to absorb any residual internal and external noise that might otherwise make its way into a QuietTuning-equipped Buick vehicle’s cabin.

These sound absorption features include special acoustic absorbers within the engine compartment, interior trim, and doors of the vehicle. A dissipative acoustic system also helps break up internal and external noises and prevents them from sounding as loud inside the cabin of QuietTuning-equipped Buick vehicles as they would without this dissipative system.

By reducing internal noise, blocking external noise, and absorbing any residual internal and external noise while also minimizing the feel of on-the-road impacts within a Buick vehicle’s cabin, Buick’s high-tech, three-fold QuietTuning system successfully ensures a smooth and quiet ride on the road for both drivers and passengers alike.

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